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Dog Stories
We Love Dogs

We can help your house cat too. Leave it inside by a sunny window. Good Kitties. Big Cats are really are bad for you.

Here are a few of our canine customers. 

Cuddles and Cinnamon Are two great Pomeranian's that a grouchy Buck in Rut would harass.There was a third Pomeranian but the Bobcat got her before the ex closure was up...as of 1/23/10 no reported further harassment.
was a was a watch a ma thingy that looked like a little mop on the end of a stick. One evening her owner was walking her and a Great Horned Owl  swooped down and Lucky Flew! Damn good thing for that leash. Gorgeous Gardens recommends the "Come back Honey" Anti Owl leash. She died of Natural Causes.

We adopted Chucky from the pound when my boy's were young and our two sister dogs were getting on. All the neighbors were seeing Lions. Common knowledge Ho Humm . I read David Barons Book , The Beast in the Garden and I started looking for an adoptable Big Dog.
I hate dog pounds and nursing homes but like  a magnet I was pulled to my local pound one day. Bad day to go to the pound if you want to really get to know a dog because a TV crew was covering the overcrowded conditions. The pound was flooded  with  adorable little undernourished  lab puppies that were housed as an emergency.
Meanwhile back in the kennels was  this very immpressive looking Giant black Lab.
What about that guy?
Sweetest dog here. most people look at him and say "He looks like a Giant Black pit bull!
He did look a little crazed but I know why.
That Dog WOULD NOT pee inside.
When he finally got a chance to pee  he must of broken some kind of dog pee record. He Peed and he peed and he peeed so long his leg started shakin' and then he switched legs! Then he peed till that leg started shakin..he did it three times. We got out lawn chairs. Jaws dropped  then he stopped. He  was so happy that  tore up enough winter wheat chaff  like some kind of happy canine wheat thresher.He was so happy he looked like he was Chuckling.

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